Major Accomplishments

As Council President, Councilman, and as Chair of Revenue and Finance and other key committees, Peter Cunningham has played a key role in putting Hoboken on a sound fiscal path and securing quality of life improvements. Listed below are just a few of Peter’s major accomplishments:

  • Led the successful fight to restore fiscal responsibility and put in place professional budgeting, freeing Hoboken from State Fiscal Supervision
  • Helped put Hoboken on a sound long-term fiscal path, resulting in an AA+ bond rating from Standard & Poor’s.
  • Worked effectively to secure more open space, including sponsoring the initiative to move forward with a planned new park to be located on the BASF site at llth and Madison Streets.
  • Led the successful effort to secure funding for a new flood pump, which will help relieve flooding in our area.
  • Strongly supported measures to make Hoboken a safer place to walk, bike and drive.
  • Instrumental in saving our hospital through pushing for a private company to take it over and assume the City’s financial obligations, relieving Hoboken of a crushing financial burden.
  • Opposed out-of-scale over development which continues to threaten our quality of life.