Cunningham Blasts Big County Tax Increase

Peter Cunningham blasted Hudson County government for socking Hoboken with another big county tax increase. The county tax levy as a whole is increasing by an unacceptably high 4.49%, but the increase for Hoboken is nearly 12% due to the county formula that is based on property values. More than 1-out-of-5 tax dollars to pay for county government now come from Hoboken taxpayers, despite the fact that less than 1-out-of-ten county residents live in the City. That is simply unfair.

Councilman Cunningham said, “We tightened our belts in Hoboken and held the line on taxes. It is long past time for Hudson County government to do the same. In a more than $500 million county budget there is plenty of room to find cost-efficiencies and to root out waste.” Cunningham was one of the leaders in passing a recent measure to keep the city tax levy completely flat.

Moving Forward on a New Park

Peter Cunningham is strongly supporting a new park to be located on the BASF site at llth and Madison Streets. This Spring, he sponsored the initiative to move forward with an application for a low interest loan from the New Jersey Environmental Trust to purchase the 6 acre property.

The location would be used for two purposes. First a large, multi-purpose park that includes active recreation would be built, adding to Hoboken’s quality of life. Additionally, an underground storm water retention chamber would be installed as part of the City’s comprehensive effort to tackle the flooding problem.

“Parks and open space are essential to our quality of life. That’s why I continue to make obtaining new park space as well as maintaining and upgrading our existing parks a high priority,” said Cunningham. Establishing a park at this site is a long-time priority for Councilman Cunningham.

Cunningham Fights to Hold the Line on City Taxes

Peter Cunningham is working to make sure there is no city tax increase in this year’s budget. He was one of the leaders in passing a recent measure to keep the city tax levy completely flat.

Peter Cunningham said, “It is critical to financially squeezed Hoboken families and seniors living on fixed incomes, that we hold the line on taxes.” Cunningham added, “Given how hard some families were hit by last year’s property tax revaluation, doing all we can to keep municipal taxes from rising is especially important.

Cunningham has worked hard on the Council for fiscal responsibility and cost-efficiencies. His efforts have been critical to putting Hoboken on a sound long-term fiscal path, leading to the awarding of a AA+ bond rating from Standard & Poor’s.


New Flood Pump Will Help Reduce Flooding in Our Neighborhood

Peter Cunningham led the successful fight for a new flood pump, which will help relieve flooding in our area. Funded by a low interest loan, the $11.7 million wet weather pump will be installed underneath 11th Street, a little west of Frank Sinatra Drive. This is Hoboken’s second flood pump. The first one is located on Observer Highway, and was installed in 2012.

Peter Cunningham said, “This new flood pump is an important step towards alleviating the major flooding problems faced by our residents and businesses whenever we have a serious rainstorm.” As our Councilman, Cunningham has consistently supported measures to address Hoboken’s difficult flooding problem.