About Peter Cunningham

First elected to the Council when Hoboken faced a fiscal crisis with a bond rating near junk status as a result of years of reckless overspending and unprofessional budgeting, Peter Cunningham led the fight to restore fiscal responsibility and hold the line on taxes. Today, Hoboken is on a sound long-term fiscal path due in large measure to Peter’s persistent focus on cost-effectiveness, fiscal oversight and budget planning. The City now enjoys an AA+ Credit Rating from Standard & Poor’s. Recently, Peter helped spearhead the successful effort to have no increase in the City’s tax levy in this year’s budget.

As our Councilman, Peter has also worked hard to secure more open space for parks and active recreation, stood up against out-of-scale overdevelopment, and led the successful fight to secure funding for a new flood pump, targeted to relieve flooding in our neighborhood.

A business executive with a global financial services company headquartered in New York City, Peter was a founder of the Hoboken Dog Association. He is a graduate of Lehigh University, receiving a B.S. with a concentration in Finance. He lives on Garden Street with his wife Jen; two children, Christian and Cathryn; his father in law Bill Walsh, retired Sandy Hook Harbor Pilot; and Hayden, an immense yet sweet-tempered Bernese Mountain Dog.