As part of a citywide effort to make Hoboken a safer place to walk, bike and drive, two nearby intersections now require all way stops: the corners of 9th Street and Willow Avenue as well as 15th Street and Bloomfield Street.

Other improvements underway include widening bike lanes and adding curb bump-outs at intersections. Improvements are being made to the intersection of 14th and Garden, and all intersections on Clinton Street north of 10th Street. To ensure our children are safe walking to school, a traffic assessment is being conducted for our elementary schools, which includes a review of school crossing guard placement, and increased deployment of traffic control officers during rush hours. This systematic approach to pedestrian safety is informed by the success achieved in reducing accidents and injuries by putting in place targeted traffic control and calming measures at the Hoboken Path Station.

The City is also working with New Jersey Transit to implement changes to reduce the long lines at bus stops heading out of the north end of Hoboken on Clinton Street through skip stops and other proven techniques. Peter Cunningham said, “Ensuring Hoboken is a safe and inviting place to walk and bike is essential to our quality of life. This requires constantly making improvements. That is exactly what I am working hard on to make sure we continue to do.”

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