Peter Cunningham blasted Hudson County government for socking Hoboken with another big county tax increase. The county tax levy as a whole is increasing by an unacceptably high 4.49%, but the increase for Hoboken is nearly 12% due to the county formula that is based on property values. More than 1-out-of-5 tax dollars to pay for county government now come from Hoboken taxpayers, despite the fact that less than 1-out-of-ten county residents live in the City. That is simply unfair.

Councilman Cunningham said, “We tightened our belts in Hoboken and held the line on taxes. It is long past time for Hudson County government to do the same. In a more than $500 million county budget there is plenty of room to find cost-efficiencies and to root out waste.” Cunningham was one of the leaders in passing a recent measure to keep the city tax levy completely flat.

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