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The Following Statement was released on Thursday regarding the Zimmer Administration's contract negotiations with Suez. Rate Payers and Tax Payers alike, need to pay very close attention to this developing story.

After asking the Zimmer Administration many times why we never bid out this water contract in the first place, the truth maybe forthcoming. Stay tuned...

Council President Giattino Alarmed by Zimmer's Lack Of Disclosure of $8.35 Million Liability

For the past several weeks I have been reviewing in subcommittee Mayor Zimmer’s proposal to extend the Suez Water contract with the City of Hoboken. My fellow finance subcommittee colleagues, Councilmembers Cunningham and Fisher, and I had raised a number of concerns to the Administration – in particular the approximate $8.35 million liability that had not been previously disclosed to the public. In an email to the Administration on August 30th, we expressed this concern and requested a meeting with the City’s auditor to review the accounting, disclosure and appropriations treatment for the liability. The Administration declined our request.

The auditor and the City’s financial consultant attended last night’s council meeting and after hearing both speak on the matter, my concerns are now greater that the substantial liability has not been properly accounted for and that an independent investigation into this matter is warranted. I cannot speak for them, but I am confident that the majority of the City Council feels similarly.

I am also offended by the prepared remarks read by the Mayor at the meeting, attacking me and my council colleagues and alleging the concerns raised by the council were politically motivated. I am disappointed that after over six years supporting her and her agenda, that Mayor Zimmer would feel compelled to make such politically charged and baseless statements. She should know that I will always challenge and engage in healthy debate to ensure we are doing what is right, and what is best for Hoboken. I am hopeful that all involved will consider the best interests of our residents and work to resolve this serious matter.

Please feel free to contact me if you want to share your views or discuss further.

- Jen

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September 1, 2017

Councilmembers issue statement about potential contract with Suez

Hoboken City Council President Jen Giattino, Councilman Peter Cunningham, and Councilwoman and Chair of the Revenue and Finance subcommittee, Tiffanie Fisher have issued the following joint statement concerning the Suez Water contract:
“On Wednesday evening we had an ad hoc subcommittee meeting comprised of members from both the finance and revenue subcommittee and the ad hoc infrastructure subcommittee. We were joined by representatives from the Administration and its financial consultant who has advised the Administration to date on negotiations with Suez concerning the contract for water services in Hoboken. Councilman Michael Russo was also invited, however did not attend. The primary purpose of the meeting was to review the Administration’s responses to the many questions that were posed by City Council members during the council meeting on August 2nd concerning the proposed contract extension between Suez Water and the City of Hoboken.
During our review and discussion of the Administration’s prepared responses, we expressed additional concerns about the proposed contract. And we requested again to be provided with the detailed financial analysis supporting the proposal. In correspondence the following day, we recommended to the Administration the following next steps prior to having the City Council vote on the proposed contract: to have a subsequent subcommittee meeting to address the concerns we have raised and for the Administration and its consultants to meet with the entire City Council during an executive session to discuss the proposal in detail. Both meetings have been scheduled for next week.

This is a critical and long-term financial and operating contract for Hoboken. We need to have full transparency and ensure that we are making the right decisions for Hoboken tax payers and rate payers.

For additional inquiries, please contact:
Council President Jen Giattino
(201) 780-6779
Councilman Peter Cunningham
(201) 562-7071

Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher

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Dear Family, Friends and Neighbors,

I wanted to reach out to you on the major news that broke this week about Mayor Zimmer deciding not to seek a third term. As a reminder to many of you, Dawn and I were elected to the City Council together in 2007. We have managed to achieve a great deal for Hoboken with our current council colleagues Ravi Bhalla, Jim Doyle, Tiffanie Fisher, Dave Mello and Council President Jen Giattino.

Unlike the trying times of 2007, we are a growing community facing an entirely new set of challenges. The first one of course is to avoid seeing the "clock turned back" and allow old political elements to get their hands on the wheel of government again. In those times, abuses and corruption were rampant.

The second is our challenge to identify the best candidate to win in November. It should be as in the past, a collaborative process which is not only a core tenet of reform. Many of the goals achieved in the last 8 years have been achieved by consensus and collaboration. And in fact today, many of the nine councilmembers are working collaboratively.

While Mayor Zimmer decided to endorse our friend and colleague Councilman Bhalla on Monday, a collaborative conversation among her team did not take place. I, for one, think that process is warranted.

Based on these factors, I've decided at this time not to join the Mayor in endorsing Ravi.

Yesterday, Council President Jen Giattino issued a statement saying she is considering entering the mayoral race. While some are feeling a sense of trepidation if that happens, I feel there is an opportunity here that can lead to victory in November.

As we make this evaluation, I am asking you to keep an open mind and allow the voices of our community a chance to be heard. We deserve it.

I look forward to hearing from you on any aspect of this message and trust we'll come to a decision together that's best for Hoboken. Thanks, Peter

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