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We also highlight some of Peter’s accomplishments, including his major role in bringing Hoboken back from the financial brink, securing more park space, upgrading our parks, and advancing a comprehensive plan to reduce flooding, including the construction of another flood pump that will bring relief to 5th Ward residents.


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Dear Friends and Neighbors-

Many thanks to all of you that signed onto the Change.org petition calling for New York Waterway and New Jersey Transit to abandon their plans to acquire Union Dry Dock for ferry repair, maintenance, fleet storage, refueling and storage of fuel/hazardous materials.

This is not an appropriate location for this type of use.

The NJ Transit Board is scheduled to vote on January 10th on the option to move forward with an agreement with NY Waterway. NJ Transit as a state government entity working with NY Waterway can avoid all local land use laws. Residents, government officials and local activists have worked for decades to complete the waterfront park system creating enjoyable recreation for all to enjoy. NY Waterway's proposed plan would be detrimental to realizing this vision for a continuous waterfront park.

I know it's a lot to ask, but please take a few minutes to send a letter to officials at NJ Transit as well as our state legislature representatives. A form letter is provided below for you to cut and paste as is, and/or edit to provide your own personal thoughts, and a list of who you need to send it to.

Who to send it to:

Please email your letter directly to the following ASAP:
•NJ Transit Board - njtboard@njtransit.com
•Paul Wyckoff, Deputy Executive Director NJ Transit – pwyckoff@njtransit.com
•Eric Daleo, Assist ED of Capital Projects – edaleo@njtransit.com
•John Leon, Government Relations NJ Transit – jleon@njtransit.com
•Steven Santoro, Executive Director NJ Transit – ssantoro@njtransit.com
•Richard Hammer, Commissioner NJ DOT - rick.hammer@dot.nj.gov

And cc:
• senweinberg@njleg.org
• sengordon@njleg.org
• asmcoughlin@njleg.org
• asmmckeon@njleg.org

Copy/Template for you to write a letter:

January 7, 2018

NJ Transit Board of Directors
Attn: Chairman Richard T. Hammer
One Penn Plaza East
Newark, NJ 07105

Dear NJ Transit Board of Directors,

At the January 10, 2018 board meeting you will be voting to determine if NJ Transit should spend $11.5M in public dollars to acquire the option to purchase the Union Dry Dock (UDD) property in Hoboken to advance the plans by NY Waterway (NYWW) to locate a facility for repair, maintenance, fleet storage, refueling and storage of fuel/hazardous materials at the site. I implore you to vote NO. As a public entity funded with direct operating assistance from the taxpayers of NJ this would be a gross misuse of public funds for a project lacking NJDEP approval, US Army Corp of Engineers approval as well as containing strong public opposition due to legitimate safety and environmental concerns. Ferry service is an important mode of transportation for our region however, moving forward with the option now would not only be premature but would also call into question the proper exercise of your fiduciary obligations.

To date NYWW has been disingenuous in their approach to acquiring this property as well as in their applications to both state and local government agencies to execute the new use case of the land. I have strong concerns with NJ Transit using public funds to aid and expedite a private company’s avoidance of local land use laws. In 2012, NJ Transit publicly committed to not pursuing the Union Dry Dock property for this exact use case. Moving forward with this proposal would be a direct breach of that public commitment. In addition, NYWW’s provisional permit application to the NJDEP was so deeply flawed and misleading they withdrew the submission.

Concerns the board should seriously consider:
•NYWW’s misrepresentation of the land use case: Based on applications to the NJDEP and US Army Corps of Engineers, NYWW has grossly misstated the use case claiming it remains the same as the UDD operation. That could not be further from the truth. UDD performed long term repairs on no more than a few ships a week with operating hours of 8am-5pm. NYWW is seeking an 18 hour per day operation with 34 vessels estimating 80 trips per day. The desired use case from NYWW will require an individual permit from the US Army Corps of Engineers which to date they have not obtained.

•Lack of Transparency: NYWW, NJ Transit and the NJDEP as public entities have the obligation to fully disclose all details about the planned property transaction and the accurate full description of the property’s use inclusive of true traffic intensity, facility services and all environmental impacts consistent with a ferry fueling, maintenance, sanitary disposal and storage facility, as well as the sediment contamination from the prior UDD operations. NYWW’s less than transparent actions in moving forward with this process are questionable at best, raise legitimate concerns about this property acquisition and use, and beg the public to wonder what motivations are driving the desire for a unnecessarily quick and superficial approval strongly lacking in detail.

•Threat to Safe Recreation and Quality of Life: The waterfront and harbor directly surrounding the dry dock property experiences heavy recreational use, including the only beach on the Hudson waterfront, a kayak launch, jet skiers, small sail boat traffic and sport fishing. This is a direct and positive result of the Waterfront Preservation efforts of the last 3 decades. Over 800 homes are located next to the property. Currently activity at the Dry Dock can be heard in the homes. The proposed 18 hour daily operation by NYWW endangers the quality of life for residents in their homes, and to the broader public who actively use the waterfront and harbor. In addition the proposed use of NYWW buses in and out of the site threatens public safety of the walkway used daily by runners, bikers and parents walking small children in strollers.

In public comments NYWW leaders have stated “there is no other location”. This is yet another gross mischaracterization by NYWW. Bayonne/MOTBY is an appropriate location welcomed by the Bayonne Community for many reasons including:
•MOTBY is owned by PANYNJ and intended for industrial maritime use with the proper infrastructure to quickly and properly accommodate a ferry fueling, maintenance and storage facility.

•MOTBY provides NYWW the opportunity to expand ferry service along Hudson County waterfront increasing ferry ridership in an unserved, densely populated area. Ferry service out of MOTBY offers a necessary mass transit option that must be pursued to proactively address population growth.

•Solving long term transportation challenges from western NJ: Bus traffic from western NJ can be easily routed to Bayonne to alleviate severe traffic congestion from major regional transportation construction projects (Route 495/Paterson Plank Construction Project and Lincoln Tunnel Helix Rehabilitation) over the next decade and alleviate impacts to the PANYNJ Bus Terminal.

In summary there are a myriad of reasons to refrain from placing the UDD proposal on the January 10th agenda. If a vote does in fact take place, I once again implore you to honor your fiduciary commitment to the people of the State of NJ to provide safe, economical and environmentally sound transportation solutions. I urge you to vote NO.


cc:Mr. Steven Santoro
Executive Director, NJ Transit
One Penn Plaza East
Newark, NJ 07105

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Happy New Year to all!!

Mayor Zimmer sent her last public service announcement about Christmas tree disposal. Because little Christmas is Jan 6th, and many of you will not dispose of your tree until that is past, we will work with the Bhalla Administration to ensure an additional pick up option next week.

We send Mayor Zimmer and her family our best wishes as she leaves the Mayor’s office and look forward to tomorrow’s historic inaugural event. Hoboken will swear in our first Sikh Mayor and the first in New Jersey, Ravi Bhalla. This is very exciting for our community!

The first Council meeting of the New Year will be held on Wednesday. We will focus primarily on reorganization of the City Council, certain board appointments and some regular city business. There seems to be a lot of unnecessary nervous expectations on what's going to happen, what's expected and what it means for Hoboken. My policy positions on development, fiscal integrity and quality of life to name a few have not changed. Focusing on these issues plus addressing other matters of importance will continue with transparency and efforts to ensure conflict free decision making.

I am looking forward to addressing pressing economic development matters, such as the post office hotel project, western edge, and common sense quality of life initiatives around parking and transportation.

Please pass on to your friends and neighbors, and let me know if you have any questions or concerns. And be safe this evening and good health into the New Year! Thanks, Peter

Christmas Tree Disposal Information - Place Curbside Tues & Thurs after 9pm **Do Not Place in Plastic Bags**
For those disposing of Christmas trees:

1. Place tree at the curb on Tuesday and Thursday nights after 9:00pm for pickup on Wednesday and Friday. Trees will be picked up the next day during the day, not during overnight hours.

2. Trees are recycled into mulch: Remove all lights, ornaments, and stand from the tree. ** DO NOT wrap tree or place in a plastic bag **

3. If you have questions or to report the location of a tree that has not been picked up by 5:00pm the following day, please call 201-420-2000 X3

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Dear friends and neighbors,

As many of you know, today is Small Business Saturday. This is a friendly reminder to encourage you to shop local in Hoboken tomorrow and throughout the holiday season.

Hoboken businesses are the economic backbone of our community and support many of our local charities. They are challenged by on-line retailers, and high rents, particularly those business on Washington Street. Please join me in supporting Hoboken businesses this holiday season starting tomorrow.

Thanks and may you and your friends and family have a joyous holiday season.

Peter Cunningham

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Dear friends and neighbors,

Tuesday night’s post-election results were sobering to many of us. The message of hope we tried to deliver from our candidates’ for Mayor and Council was overshadowed by factors in which we had little control. Given the short runway and limited funding sources at the start, we were severely handicapped, but felt strongly about overcoming these odds.

With the exception of time, money, and party affiliation, I wouldn’t change a thing. There are always parts of a campaign to tweak, but the major things were out of our control. The Bhalla campaign knew that and took a bet which paid off. Unfortunately, the overall result was one of the ugliest campaigns on record in Hoboken. Even though we didn’t win, I am happy to congratulate the victors. I hope our campaign message of inclusion, accountability, and constituent services will resonate as priorities with the Bhalla Administration. My door is open to each of the newly elected with any help I can give.

Lastly, I extend my thanks to: my family and all of the other candidate families who also experienced the stress of a campaign day in and day out, Jen, Jim, Jason and Sal for being great candidates, our volunteers who demonstrated a commitment like none other, our Campaign Steering Committee, and above all, you the voters who believed in Jen and her team. We love you for your support, and hope to earn it again in the future.


Peter Cunningham

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